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Gibraltar has been of strategic importance since the days of the Phoenicians. Throughout its long military history the Rock has endured many sieges, the most famous being the Great Siege of 1783.

It was as from that date that the true development of Gibraltar's military defence began, a process that continued throughout the years until the Second World War.

Visitors can appreciate the great feat of engineering achieved at the Great Siege Tunnels, as indeed in all the other tunnels and chambers that have been dug in the Rock.

The Military Heritage Centre is housed in one of the many Batteries found in the Rock. In fact this particular Battery, known as Princess Caroline's Battery, is named after King George II's third daughter and was built in 1732. These chambers were further developed in 1905 to service the coastal defence 6 inch gun which was mounted on top of the magazine. The actual Battery still houses the original hoists used to arm the gun, as well as the shells and other artifacts used in those days. the armoury displays a selection of weapons used by the British Army in Gibraltar and there are also relics dating from the Great Siege of 1783 to the present day.

In the back chamber, known as the Memorial Chamber, visitors have the opportunity to honour and remember all those men and women who have over the ages dedicated themselves to the service of the Nation in the Armed Forces. You will find the Roll Call of all the Regiments that have served in Gibraltar since 1704 together with the ensigns of the Senior Service and the Royal Air Force, all of whom have contributed to the peace and prosperity that we enjoy today.